Project #162042 - Genocides before the halocaust

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Must be at least 400 words. Must list references  

In the chapters from Centuries of Genocide assigned for this week, you also read about several genocides that predate the Holocaust (and, thus, also predate the term “Genocide” itself, which was coined in response to the Holocaust).  Specifically, you read about the German genocide of the Hereroe and Nama in the colony of German South-West Africa, the Turkish genocide of the Armenian people during and after World War I, and the Soviet-created famine in Ukraine during the 1930s.

compare and contrast these three acts of genocide.  You may wish to consider some of the following questions:

·       To what extent was each of these genocides planned out ahead of time?  To what extent was each improvised?

·       To what extent was each genocide influenced by ideological factors (ideas about the targeted group, forms of prejudice, racism, etc.)? To what extent was each caused influenced by more immediate social, political, military, or pragmatic factors? 

·       What conditions helped to set the stage for each genocide? What events served as the immediate trigger?

·       Why were the perpetrators so willing to carry out these genocidal policies? What different motives have they had?  What different roles did they play?

·       Why did bystanders stand by, rather than intervening to stop the genocidal action?


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