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Major Religious Faiths of the Old World: Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism


Assignment: Plan and then write a 600-700 word paper that focuses on the idea of interfaith sharing and understanding but that does not refer to any specific religion/faith.


TOPIC: You are an artist and you have been asked to create an art piece (an object of some kind, a picture or brief film loop, a textile/wall hanging, a quilt or collage) that will be placed near the entrance outside, or in the lobby, of the new Interfaith Cultural and Historical Center in your community. [There are many Interfaith groups and organizations around the country, where people get together to enjoy each other's company, watch movies or invite speakers.


The goal is generally get to know each other as people without labels like Jewish, or Christian, or Muslim, or anything else, because labels immediately divide people.]


You do not have to be an artist for this short paper. Rather use your imagination, and think up something that celebrates people together but without identifying any religious connection.


Create it yourself, and then explain it. What is it, what does it look like, and what "message" does it send to people who come to the new Center?     Note that the piece does not have to be "great art," it can be something clever but quite simple. Or it might be a piece meant for children (though do not choose a known cartoon character: be more original than that!)


Please do not go to the Internet and then just imitate something someone else already thought up. Do not suggest the Olympic Rings -- that is an athletic tournament and besides, it's already been done.


For this assignment, the best results are usually not overly complicated.


Include an image of the art piece you would create. For ex, you might draw a little sketch and then take a picture of it that you can import into the paper.



(1) DO NOT just copy and paste; that will not earn your a good grade.

(2) Provide a citation for every single paraphrase and quotation in quotation marks that you take from any outside source, including class materials. See the APA handout I put in the Week 1 materials for citations, pages 3-8. If you use any class materials other than our textbook, see the instructions at #23, "Personal Communication," on p12. Use TinyURL to make long URLs short.


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