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Reading chapter 3.

Explore the powers and limitations of free online translation services such as Google Translate. Enter a sentence from this chapter, such as Local markets are opening to worldwide competition as businesses of all sizes look for new growth opportunities outside their own countries. First, translate the sentence from English to Spanish and click to complete the translation. Next, copy the Spanish version and paste it into the translation entry box and back-translate it from Spanish to English. Now repeat this test for German, French, Italian, or another language. Did the sentence survive the round trip? Does it still sound like normal business writing when translated back into English? (1) What are the implications for the use of automated translation services for international correspondence? (2) Would you feel comfortable using an online tool such as this to translate an important business message? (3) How might you use this website to sharpen your intercultural communication skills? Summarize your findings in a brief report.


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