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Draft and outline of the Rhetorical Analysis of a Commentary- “Don’t let your holiday card be a glorified selfie” and then draft an essay based on the outline. 
Copy and paste the following link to read article:


The draft should include the following:

I. Introduction:

A. Analysis of the Rhetorical Situation
1. Speaker
2. Context
3. Audience
4. Exigence
B. Thesis statement: the main point of your piece (a rhetorical analysis)


II. Body.


  1. Identify the elements of argument: 
       1. Toulminian Analysis 
    1. claim
    2. support
    3. qualifiers
    4. warrant
    5. opposing argument (if the author does not address an opposing argument, be sure to write  that. You don’t want me to think that you’ve overlooked this.)
    6.  rebuttal or concession (Again, if the author does not address an opposing argument, there will be no rebuttal or concession, but be sure to tell your reader that. Remember, you want to project competence and credibility by showing me you can read and follow directions).
  1. Aristotelian
  1. ethos: The speaker appeals to ethos by . . .
  2. pathos: The speaker appeals to pathos by . . .
  3. logos: The speaker appeals to logos by . . .



  1.  Identify rhetorical elements 
      1. rhetorical modes used (Refer to the “Rhetorical Handbook”)
      2. organizational patterns used (identify the dominant organization patter and explain your reasoning. Identify a second organizational pattern and give an example. (Refer to the “Rhetorical Handbook”)
      3.  rhetorical devices used (define at least two and give a specific example from the for both. Refer to the “Rhetorical Handbook” in the “Handouts” section of ulearn for more information about this as well as
      4. sentence types (see
      5. punctuation (used for style and emphasis)


III. Conclusion

  1.  Evaluate the commentary for efficacy. Does it do its job? Are you influenced? Why or why not?


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