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Environmental Design is the atmosphere, procedures, and practices that you establish in your classroom. Your design may also include physical changes to the environment, but this is not the primary focus. When you are thinking about environmental design, you are also thinking about all of the things that make your classroom a positive place.

For this Assignment, design a secondary classroom environment that includes:




1. Demographic information (from your Unit 4 Case Study Assignment)


  1. A description of your classroom. (grades 7–12)

  2. Describe your setting (rural, urban, or suburban). Tell us about the area. Who lives there? What kind of community is it? What is the typical socio-economic status?

  3. Type of school—middle school or high school, public, private, or charter?

  4. What age group and grade level? (this can be 4th or 5th grade even though the Assignment title states “secondary”)


  1. Choose a child development theory that best represents your grade level and explain why you selected this theory over other theories.

  2. Clear indications that your plan takes child developmental stages into account and considers variations that can exist among students of the same chronological age.

  3. How can you use developmental theories to plan your strategies and interventions in the classroom?

  4. Books or journal articles that support your design.

  5. Reflective statement/summary. This can be a short summary of one or two paragraphs pulling this paper together in your reflection. Connect your reflection to developmental theory — in other words, reflect on the theories and their application to teaching and learning.

    The best way to approach this Assignment is to follow the rubric exactly as written. If you follow the sections of the rubric, there is a less chance for errors and omissions. In your paper, it is a good idea to make subheadings for each section of the rubric. You can find the rubric in the “Rubrics” link under Course Home.


Also keep in mind that when you discuss a theory, cite the theorist and the year. Berger, our textbook author, is not a theorist — she has written a text that explains the different theories and theorists.

This Assignment will be 4 – 6 pages


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