Project #162136 - Writing a Draft of the Personal Document

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Revising your writing provides you the chance to ensure your ideas are clear and effective prior to submitting the final draft. At times it can be challenging to see problematic areas in your own writing; this is where peer feedback can be very beneficial.

Step 1: Complete the assigned Unit 4 Reading and Learning Activities, available in the Unit 4 Learning Activities section.

Step 2: Review the Unit 4 Assignment details and the topic you selected in Unit 3.

Step 3: Review Your Project Plan

Review the prewriting you developed for the Unit 3 Discussion Board as well as the feedback you received from your classmates.

Step 4: Post Your Draft

Using your prewriting, write a draft of your Unit 4 Assignment.

Please keep in mind that your draft should do the following:

  1. Make sure you provide your audience with the author's name, title and a link to the article as well as a summary of relevant information from the article.
  2. Go beyond summary by adding to what the author says in some way (one way to do that is to disagree, or engage in debate, or explore a point further than it is addressed in the article).
  3. Be sure that you make clear to your audience why the issue you are informing them about is relevant to them in some way.

In the body of your post, include your initial revision plan. To help develop your revision plan consider the following questions:

  1. What aspects of your draft do you think could use development?
  2. What aspects of your draft do you think are strong?
  3. Which areas of your draft are you still working on?

Step 5: Respond to classmates’ postings

Make comments and ask questions about two classmates’ drafts. Be sure to address the following points:

  • Does the draft answer your questions about the topic?
  • Can you as a reader understand the purpose of the document?
  • Are there places where you feel more needs to be said?
  • Using your knowledge of the revision process, what suggestions could you make for revising this draft?


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