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Your major assignment for this class is the Final Research Paper, an essay that is comprehensive in scope and will require you to utilize your skills in art
theory and visual literacy towards an argument. You will need to use the critical abilities we have been practicing in class as building blocks in a theoretical/historical narrative of your own design. Undoubtedly you will need to
bring in more than one artwork to flesh out your debate.
The parameters for the final research paper are as follows:
1. The topic of your final essay is completely up to you.
The only limitation is that your subject should relate to the scope and concepts studied in the course.
2. You will need to use a MINIMUM of four separate sources in your research; two of the sources must come from the assigned readings and two will come from your independent research.
The essays that we are studying in class only provide a small
glimpse at the ideas that underlie contemporary art.
 There are countless writers that have contributed to the canon of art theory
, you need to find at least two that will best suit the needs of your paper (though you are always invited to use more sources than the
minimum required).Criteria for Evaluation of the Final Research Paper
The standards that will be used to grade your final essay are similar to the
Analytic Paper and
-Proficient Application of the Assigned Essays
-The Ability to Go Beyond the Conventional Narrative
-Evidence of an Original Analysis
 In addition to these four criteria, a fifth has been included
for the purposes of evaluating your research:
You should be able to demonstrate your ability to choose appropriate research materials that relate to the topic you have chosen. Obviously, you should avoid citing such sources as Wikipedia,, Oxford Art Online, and encyclopedias or dictionaries (though all these sources can be useful places to begin your research). Your citation materials should show they were carefully selected for their academic nature, relevance to the subject matter, and level of depth.


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