Project #162177 - Education Theorist Assignment

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Due By (Pacific Time) 01/12/2017 10:00 am

The purpose of this assignment is to acquire in-depth knowledge about a developmental theorist of your choice. To do so, you will research one of the theorists discussed in class. You may use your book, the library, and internet resources for information sources. You will write a 1-page, double-spaced essay reporting your findings. You should address some biographical information about your theorist and then summarize the theory in your own words. If you copy and paste information from the internet or another source, you will receive a grade of zero on this assignment with no exceptions

To make sure you give proper credit to your sources, you'll also include a reference page, including the sources where you gathered your information. There is no formatting method that you must adhere to, but please turn in neat, organized work. 

Choose one from the following theorists:

    1. Anna Freud
    2. Jean Piaget
    3. Erik Erikson
    4. Lev Vygotsky
    5. Urie Bronfenbrenner
    6. Kenneth B. Clark
    7. F. Skinner
    8. Albert Bandura


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