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In all 300 word document on the Recovering from the Aftermath and 3 slides in Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation

bomb threat at a large sporting event

After the incident - Recovery Procedures 300 words min for word doc. + 2 slides Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation highlighting your response plan. Include detailed speaker notes.

Also needs Introduction  slide.




As the director of security for an international corporation, you are responsible for detailing response plans to address a variety of threats.


bomb threat at a large sporting event


Before the incident - Planning 


During the incident - Evacuation Procedures 


After the incident - Recovery Procedures 


Plan describing response procedures and interagency coordination necessary for dealing with your chosen scenario and venue.




Format your plan and presentation consistent with APA guidelines.




Here is some already done to give you idea of what’s going on:




Emergency Planning


           Establishing an emergency plan is the most important part of any security personnel and everyone that will be involved in anyway if something would happen at this stadium. The staff must be prepared for anything. In this preparation we must involve just about everyone that works at this stadium must have training in every situation that this stadium might come into contact with. Everyone should know where command will be, all exits and where the injured people will be going or placed when there is an attack and what their jobs might be if something would happen. 


            The stadium should have a mock drill training which would include all the area law enforcement from local and state, state emergency responders, state and local health authorities, medical personnel and even federal emergency responders. This way everyone will know what and with whom they will be working with if a situation comes up that they would have to help the people that are at the stadium when something like a terrorist bombing would happen at the stadium. Going over this training a couple of times a year with everyone doing these mock training everyone will get use to what they are supposed to do when something happens.


            When doing these trainings, they must follow the procedures that the staff put into place to make sure that everyone gets out safe and sound and if there is some people hurt what the staff are supposed to do and where they are to be taken to, to get help with their injuries and having a place for missing family members to go to find other family members or get information of where or what hospital they might have been taken to. There will be panic when a situation happens and everyone should know what to do.


Outside Communication


            When responding to a bomb threat in a large stadium such as the Super Bowl game it is vital that all staff knows their roles to decrease the number of casualties.  As part of the preparation before any event the Incident Command System is established to set those roles so that outside responding agencies are able to get notified in a timely manner.  The commander will be the one responsible for notifying law enforcement, the fire department, and local hospitals.  With a bomb threat, there must be communication with local law enforcement to assist with the quick evacuation of all participants, staff and event vendors.  The fire department’s role is a very important one in case the bomb does go off quick support for rescuing people from debris will save lives.  The notification of local hospitals is also important.  Hospitals must be notified in case the bomb goes off so that they prepare for mass casualties or even people that may get stomped on by the rushing crowds.  Security staff must quickly establish communication with law enforcement as to the location of where the bomb might be so that those areas are cleared out as quick as possible.  Once the location of where the bomb is located and people are being evacuated it is also important that surrounding businesses are also notified in case those businesses are affected by the bomb.  Communication between responding agencies and those already inside the stadium is important for establishing areas that have already been checked and those that still need to be checked.  Once areas have been cleared and there is safe passage it could open another exit route for participants and event staff.  The quicker the stadium is evacuated the better the chances are of less people getting hurt, which is the ultimate goal when evacuating.


Recovering from the Aftermath



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