Project #162185 - Emergency Response DQ

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Each question should be answered in at least 75 words




1.    Post-incident analysis is critical to updating and refining security plans. After an incident, who should you interview? How should you use this information?


2.    What would be a potential hazard if you never conducted post incident analysis?  What other ways and/or tools could you utilize to continually improve your security plans?


3.    How do security personnel assess facility and personal protection measures with respect to events, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, winter storms, and so forth? What are the responsibilities of security personnel in the event of natural disasters? How might security personnel prepare for such events?


4.    What about CPR training?  Do you think that someone in the facility should be trained in CPR techniques in addition to disaster planning techniques?


5.    Would you say mitigation and preparation are equally important?  or Is one more important than the other?



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