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1.A case study is a particular instance of something used or analyzed to illustrate a principle.  For this comprehensive final case study, students are required to read the case study and then submit an essay of no less than 750 words (3 pages) that answers the relevant questions.


Case Study:


You are the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of a medium sized business that provides an online data base to Internet subscribers.  By then end of the current business quarter, you must propose a design for the implementation of client operating systems on 250 client computers (including desktop, laptop, tablets, and phabets) as well as the 50 servers that provide the database services.  Before committing to any operating systems you must research the material (use the textbook as well as the Internet) to propose ONE of the following courses of action:


1. Safety of the status quo (specify the current client and server operating systems as well as the implementation of a NOS or D/OS)


2. Moderated change of the clients and/or server OS (specify which OS will be changed and why)


3. Cutting edge innovation (specify why you would take this risk and what returns you expect from it).


In your answer you must consider:


The IT environment:


the IT needs for the business


the implementation of either a NOS or D/OS


the network topology -


scalability of the network for the future


user training requirements


Cost of hardware and software


Your decision must be well supported and referenced as you select:


DOS alone


DOS/Windows combination of XP/Vista/Windows7/Windows 8 and Server 2003/2008/2012


Exclusively Windows environment for clients and servers




Apple iOS


Android OS (specifiy)


Carefully support your decisions and be sure to spell/grammar check along with proper citation references.



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