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This assignment requires students to analyze primary and secondary sources of history. As historians you will learn to look at primary sources for current news you hear and see with a critical eye for legitimacy and significance of current events. You will then compare the current event topic to your secondary source of history, your textbook, Eric Foner’s Give Me Liberty, Vol 1,to find an event from the past that it relates to. This assignment requires you to read newspapers/news magazines and/or watch news programs in order to evaluate them in terms of the validity of the source and how the information provided relates historically to the information from the past in your textbook. This assignment works out to approximately one journal entry per week, with a total of 5 to be completed by the end of the course. Look under the class schedule below for each of the due dates throughout the semester. Each entry is worth up to 20pts for a total of 100pts once they are all turned in. 


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