Project #162212 - sexual history of london

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Due By (Pacific Time) 01/08/2017 06:00 am

you should write about all this topics below:

1. the swimming pool library (sexual/gay)

2. arnold white and the anti-alienist work on british immigration (racism)

3. the development of HIV/AIDS in UK since 1980s and the "dont die of ignorance" campaign

4. peter tatchell and bermondsey 1983

you need to make a short portfolio on this topic. go into more depth regarding these issues.

each topic must not be more than 500 words portfolio and it must be written separately and not as one essay, so there will be 4 seperate writings consist of 500 words each with a total of 2000 words

3-5 academic resources (harvard style)

simple english only

this portfolio is more on facts and focus on the topic and into more depth on the topic


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