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In History: Pioneers ( first settlers in canada) settled in Quebec, and built a fortress to protect the territory that is now considered quebec city. Why is geography considered favorable to Quebec?

Note: To answer this question and discuss the physical geography of this region.

Identify and include:

  1.  A Climatogram and how the facteurs (wind, proximity of water, latitude, relief) infulence climate                                                                             a) Relief: make a comparison between the laurentians and the Appalachians.
  2. The ecozone and the 6 fateurs  (animal activity, physiography, etc) that influence this ecozone                                                                                a) physiographic Regions: Discusses the canadian shield(bouclier canadian)
  3. Rocks and minerals: naturelle resources
  4. Soil and vegetation                                                                                   a) Is the soil rich? are they allowed to plant a lot of food?
  5. The Formation of the continent and the route of the glaciers


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