Project #162228 - Assignment 1: PICO analysis of dementia

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Due By (Pacific Time) 01/08/2017 08:00 pm

Nurs-6540 due assignment. Need to submit a PICO analysis about dementia. Need to formulate a PICO question and select 5 articles, one being a systematic review the summarize each article using the "literature review matrix" from school.

To prepare:

Select one of the following disorders as your topic: Dementia, delirium, or depression. (I pick Dementia)

Review the guidelines in the "Literature Review Matrix"document in this weeks Lewarning Resources.

Think about a research question around issue of dementia

To complete:

Formulate a question around the disorder you selected (DEMENTIA) as indicated in Part I: PICO analysis of research topic. Identify the resources you will use, search terms and criteria, and Boolean search strings as indicated in Part II Search strategy. Summarize the five articles you selected as indicated in Part III: Analysis of literature. Describe the conceptual framework/theory, main finding, reswearch methods, research study, weaknesses, and level of evidence for each article. Create an evidence table based on the article summaries in Part III. Describe appropriate treatment options for patients nbased non this evidence table.


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