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Analyzing the Gettysburg Address

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Note: Just use the first "Bliss Copy" of The Gettysburg Address.  I edited this post and seem to have left out that you just need to apply the Method to that one...not compare all of them.  My apologies. 

Okay, Students, now that you have all read Lincoln's famous Gettysburg Address and applied some of the Analytical Tools discussed as "The Method", I'd like to everyone to post one original finding from your analysis that you found "interesting" or "unusual".  First, quote something or summarize ideas you found to repeat or to be in binary opposition to each other and then give us an explanation of why that was interesting to you. 

As the Forum develops, it will be interesting to see what Themes or "Strands" of ideas show up.  Try not to research Lincoln's famous address too much, since I want to show you how effective these tools are in getting at the essential ideas.  Have fun!


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