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Chapter 8 Assignment

1.  What kinds of reports do you expect to write in your chosen profession? Why? What will the likely purposes of these reports be? (LO1)


2. Explain the difference between closed-ended and open-ended survey questions. (LO10)


3.  Explain the difference between random sampling and convenience sampling. Give an example of when each type of sampling would be feasible and appropriate. (LO9)


4. Explain the difference between quantitative and qualitative research, and describe a sample situation in which each would be appropriate. (LO9-LO13)


5. Which databases or other resources would be good sources of information for each of the following subjects? (LO8)


A certain company’s market share

Whether or not a company is being sued

Viewpoints on the effect of deficit financing by governments

The top companies, by sales, in a certain industry

Strategies for a successful job interview

The job outlook in a certain industry

Recent trends in business-related technology

The potential world market for a certain product

Government regulations for incorporating your business

The qualifications of a new CEO of a company

Instructions for each writing assignment (both questions):


Half page to one page.


Double spaced.

must be i APA format




You may use your text to answer and reference.



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