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Exam: 250396RR - Revising and Editing
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Questions 1 to 20: Select the best answer to each question. Note that a question and its answers may be split across a page
break, so be sure that you have seen the entire question and all the answers before choosing an answer.
1. Which of the following sentences contains a correlative conjunction?
A. Neither of us wanted to tell our mother about the cost of a computer upgrade.
B. Either Maria will pick up the birthday cake, or her brother Shawn will stop by the bakery.
C. You don't need to buy a new cell phone, nor should you.
D. Scotland may vote to break away from the United Kingdom, or it will remain within the union.
2. Which sentence should be edited to eliminate its cliché?
A. The family was immensely relieved when Great-Aunt Martha's condition progressed from "critical" to "it looks like she'll live
another 10 years."
B. The texture of the burlap was a cross between woven straw and a three-day beard.
C. I wanted to hire Dave, but a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.
D. Striding toward the barn in her red coverall and bucket hat, Gloria—tall and round—gave the impression of a charging silo.
3. One way to ensure that your title accurately reflects the content of your essay is to
A. mine your thesis for key words.
B. rephrase your conclusion.
C. use a transitional word or phrase.
D. restate the title in the introduction.
4. While reviewing an essay, what should be your main purpose in applying questions of who, what, when,
where, and why?
A. To organize your evidence
B. To be sure your evidence provides sufficient detail
C. To compare your thesis statement with your conclusion
D. To clarify your topic sentences
5. Which of the following is not a type of sentence?
A. Compound-complex
B. Simple-compound
C. Complex
D. Simple
6. A _______ can be used for both organizing and revising an essay.
A. graphic organizer
B. flowchart
C. verbal sketch
D. topic sentence
7. Nathan argues that each paragraph in a narrative essay should support the author's thesis. Nan says that
paragraphs in a narrative should illuminate some part of the action. Who is correct?
A. Neither Nathan nor Nan is correct.
B. Only Nathan is correct.
C. Both Nathan and Nan are correct.
D. Only Nan is correct.
8. Revising an essay primarily involves
A. devoting more time to planning.
B. narrowing the topic.
C. adding, eliminating, or reorganizing key elements.
D. correcting surface errors.
9. Which of the following sentences contains a redundancy?
A. Chris had trouble working up even mild enthusiasm for Mike's plan.
B. Emily's sister gave birth to two twins.
C. Steve admired the partially completed stadium.
D. At no time did Tony indicate a willingness to admit defeat.
10. Which type of learners would benefit by checking whether their thesis and topic sentences are clearly
stated when revising their essays?
A. Abstract
B. Concrete
C. Verbal
D. Pragmatic
11. A passive verb is a good choice if you wish to
A. emphasize the subject.
B. deemphasize the subject.
C. establish a formal tone.
D. establish a casual tone.
12. Eliminating unnecessary adverbs such as very, really, or extremely can help make a sentence more
A. concise.
B. simple.
C. compound.
D. figurative.
13. A passive verb is
A. always formed in the past tense.
B. always formed in the future tense
C. the same as an intransitive verb.
D. constructed from a form of the verb to be combined with a past participle.
14. If one or more paragraphs in an essay lack adequate explanations or supporting details, you can
A. use who, what, when, where, why, and how questions to generate the details you need.
B. delete sentences that don't support the topic sentence.
C. use a transitional phrase to link it to another paragraph that includes more details.
D. revise the topic sentence so that fewer details are needed to support it.
15. Which of the following is a good rule to follow when proofreading an essay?
A. Use only the computer's spell-check and grammar-check functions to be sure you catch any errors.
B. Read the essay aloud to hear where words are missing or awkward phrasings or grammatical errors occur.
C. Ask your best friend to scan your essay.
D. Scan the essay twice, once for organization and once for surface errors.
16. Which of the following sentences shows correct usage of a comma or commas?
A. William of Orange, arrived in England in 1688, to claim the English throne from James II.
B. Christopher Wren, a contemporary of Isaac Newton and John Locke, was the architect of St. Paul's Cathedral.
C. Claire's plum pudding was mainly distinctive, for its absence of plums.
D. After a fire at their home, Carlie and her mother rented a house in Glendale Arizona from November 14, 2007 to January 28,
17. Which of the following is an evaluation tool using questions and answers that lead to effective essay
revision strategies?
A. Graphic organizer
B. Flowchart
C. Outline
D. Thesis
18. Which of the following is a simple sentence?
A. Karen and David arrived at the airport at 3:35 P.M. and took a taxi to their hotel.
B. I went to the airport, but I was too late to meet them.
C. I got to the airport late because the traffic was so terrible.
D. When I realized I was too late, I called David's cell phone and made arrangements to meet them in town.
19. Which of the following sentences includes a weak verb-noun combination that makes the sentence less
A. The government can't even offer proof that any terrorist attack has been prevented by secretly sweeping all American phone
End of exam
B. The candidate spoke passionately about the need to eliminate college grants and other social programs.
C. Although Roberta lives in California, she plans to go to college in Pennsylvania.
D. For this essay I will conduct a study of bees and the arrangement of their colonies.
20. Which statement about sentence lengths in a written piece is true?
A. In spite of their name, compound-complex sentences are usually shorter than compound or complex sentences.
B. Regardless of the sentence type, the audience tends to read at its own pace.
C. Short sentences tend to move ideas quickly.
D. Varying sentence type has no appreciable effect on relative sentence lengt


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