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 Each discussion must be a minimum of 1 page and maximum of 2 pages in length, and include references in APA style (6th Edition) to support statements and beliefs.


Discussion 1,

Shortly after you start your first job, you are sent to a department where all new employees at the agency are sent for assessments. You quickly discover that employees, including yourself, have no idea about the purpose of this testing, are not offered any information, nor asked for permission. Instead, the managers of this unit (who are all licensed Psychologists) simply inform employees that the tests are standard practice at the agency and a condition of employment. However, no one remembers this being mentioned during the job interview or when the job offers were made. When the employees ask who will see the results, managers respond with vague assurances that the results belong to the agency and will not be shared with anyone outside the agency. Many employees comply with the assessments believing they might lose their new jobs if they do not go through with it. You and some others have concerns about this and decide you will explore the existing professional ethics codes to determine whether these practices are in violation.   


Review the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct (APA, 2002); these may be found at: and list as many of the codes you believe may be violated (and discuss why) by this practice at the agency. Also, discuss what steps you believe this agency should take to ensure that employee assessments are carried out in an ethical manner.  


Discussion 2,

Part I  Discuss biases to be aware of when assessing the intelligence and academic achievement of culturally diverse individuals, and some of the ways that these biases may be reduced or controlled. Make sure to provide specific examples to support your answers and cite the sources you used to formulate your answers.  


Part II  Mike is in the third grade and his parents are very concerned about his school performance. During a conference with his teachers, Mike’s parents were told that his classroom reading skills are poor and he recently earned a scale score of 65 on the Reading portion of the IOWA Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) when it was administered to all students at his school several weeks ago. This was both surprising and disappointing to his parents who know that Mike’s IQ is within the average range (i.e., WISC-IV FSIQ = 100; 50th percentile) based on the results of a private psychological evaluation completed only three months ago. What does a scale score of 65 on the ITBS suggest in terms of Mike’s reading ability? Why are his parents so surprised? What additional assessment would you recommend to his parents, and why? 


Discussion 3,

Jane is a high school senior with average grades and SAT scores who is applying to a number of 4-year universities for her Bachelors degree. She is unsure what she would like to do as a career, which is making it very difficult for her to select schools because many of them require selection of a College or degree program. Based on your readings and lectures on vocation and interest inventories, discuss at least 3 different assessments you would recommend to Jane and why?

Discussion 4,

 Describe a “multimodal” approach to assessing individuals for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Be as specific as possible with respect to approaches and instruments, and discuss some of the challenges clinicians face when attempting to make an accurate diagnosis of ADHD.

Discussion 5,

Discuss a hypothetical case of an individual with a disability whom you would like to refer for a comprehensive assessment to inform programming for the person. Include the following: 1. Description of individual, setting, and disability, as well any Federal laws mandating accommodations relevant to this case. 2. Description of specific testing accommodations the person will likely require based on his/her disability. 







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