Project #162322 - Fundamentals of Cost Management and Management Control Systems

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You are working at a hotel in a resort location. The manager says that the hotel must raise the rates in the winter when it has fewer tourists because the cost per room is much higher. How would you respond?










Surf Beach State College (SBSC) has a business school with three products, undergraduate degrees, graduate degrees, and executive education. SBSC has three service departments, Computer Support, Career Development, and the Library. The dean would like to measure product line profitability and wants to include an allocation of service department costs in the analysis. How would you recommend the service department costs be allocated?








The manager of an operating department just received a cost report and has made the following comment with respect to the costs allocated from one of the service departments: “This charge to my division doesn’t seem right. The service center installed equipment with more capacity than our division requires. Most of the service department costs are fixed, but we seem to be allocated more costs in periods when other departments use less. We are paying for the excess capacity of other departments when other departments cut their usage levels.” How could this manager’s problem be solved?








“Preparing a budget is a waste of time. The strategic plan is what we work to accomplish.” How would you respond to this comment?



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