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  1. The common law developed the doctrine that there should be no crime without a mens rea, or guilty mind. (Scheb & Scheb, 2014) In order to be considered a crime, there must be criminal intent involved in the act. Some people believe that a person’s motive should be considered when addressing the crime and punishment. Do you agree? Should a wealthy person who steals from a store just because they don’t feel like paying for food be punished the same as a homeless parent who steals food from the store to feed her 5 hungry children? Justify your answer


  2. The goal of this question is for you to understand how the police evolved into what is now our law enforcement in our country. Briefly discuss the evolution of the U.S. police and the problem they currently confront.


  1. How did the need for police arise?

  2. What are the positive and negative effects of the interaction between politics and the police in our society?

Each question should be at least 350 words with at least two citation in APA format and references at the end


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