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The Commentary

Topic: Cellphone usage among college students

Another genre we see as part of a campaign is the commentary or the op-ed (opposite the editorial) section. Commentaries are arguments in which writers share an educated opinion about an issue. Notice I used the adjective educated. Commentaries and op-eds are not simply rants or complaints. Writers of commentaries do their homework so they don’t end up looking like idiots who don’t know what they’re talking about.  Also, commentaries are a genre in which voice plays a very strong role. 

In this assignment, you are invited to write a commentary related to your campaign topic. You decide who you are as the writer, but your audience is the readers of the Campus Herald and the context is the Campus Herald and present day. The purpose of the letter is to influence your readers’ behavior and/or attitudes about your assigned campaign topic.

The Details

  • employ Aristotle’s rhetorical appeals
  • address the/an opposing argument and either rebut or concede to that argument
  • include a variety or support materials and sources to develop your point
  • reference your sources, use quotations when necessary, and summarize and paraphrase information when necessary. This is not an MLA research paper, so PLEASE DO NOT ADHERE TO MLA FORMAT, but please do remember to reference your sources 
  • Remember, you are making an inductive argument, so your claim will be at the end (if not last sentence, near the last sentence) of your piece. 


Expectations and Suggestions 


  • Read commentaries, editorials, open letter, and op-eds—lots of them! You’ll have read (at least) 9 by the time you start this assignment, but it can't hurt to read a lot more to help you get a good sense of how this genre works. And don’t just read online pieces, read pieces that are published in newspapers and magazines--popular and trade--too. 
  •   Don’t forget to note the bibliographic information because even though you will not be including parenthetical citations and a works cited page in this assignment, I will expect to see references to the sources from which you garnered your research.
  •  Once you have all your information and can support a claim, draft an outline. This will serve as a map to get you started on your draft. Be sure to include the researched information in the outline so that when you’re drafting, you know what information from which source to include in each section.


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