Project #162359 - Case Study Ferrero UK

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Due By (Pacific Time) 01/14/2017 12:00 am

Overall Instructions
Your workgroup has been allocated the kinder surprise product.  You are required to produce a 4000 word Marketing Communications Plan for this product, following the SOSTAC model.  Your task is twofold: 
Firstly, you have to produce a written 1500 word report on the first three elements of the SOSTAC model: Situation Analysis, Objectives and Strategy.  This will be a group report which you will jointly research, create and deliver on-line on 3rd November 2016.  This report will be submitted to the Dropbox only and be reviewed by the Turn-it-In software. Your tutor will grade the work and provide both feedback and an indicative grade.  It is important that you meet to discuss the feedback when you receive it as it will be very important for you incorporate it into your summative report.
Secondly, you have to build on the formative initial report, incorporating your tutor’s feedback and produce a 4000 word individual MarComms Plan.  This will complete the SOSTAC model, by detailing the Tactics, Actions and Control elements.  This report will be submitted by midday on 19th January 2017 to the Dropbox only and be reviewed by the Turn-it-In software. If a copy is received beyond the submission date, then, unless an extension has been formally approved, you will be considered to have put in a late submission.  You should include module name, module code, title and your student numbers on the front page.
Ensure that your work is backed up on at least two safe data storage devices. IT failures as a result of dropped iPads or corrupted files cannot be accepted as a reason for non- submission.

Your role
You have to ‘play the role’ of a member of Ferrero UK’s marketing team – you are the Assistant Brand Manager for the assigned product.  Your report is for the Marketing Director of Ferrero UK.  However, you are also a student at Nottingham Trent University, so your report is to demonstrate to your tutor what you know about IMC.  This means that you have to provide a report that is ‘fit for purpose’ for Ferrero UK, but also includes academic Models, Concepts and Theories (MCTs) and referencing which you would rarely do in employment.  Therefore you will sometimes have to state ‘obvious’ facts about Ferrero that you would expect your Marketing Manager to know to make sure you demonstrate to us your knowledge.


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