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The basic concern of semiotics is how meaning is generated and conveyed. Drawing on Berger (Media Analysis Techniques 2013) and other recommended module sources, outline and evaluate semiotics as a model of research using one media text as an example to illustrate your discussion


Assessment Criteria • A clear structure with a coherent and logical development of argument • Reference to and use of themes and theoretical perspectives addressed on the module • Evidence of a good range of reading and research demonstrated by thorough referencing of sources and a clear bibliography • Critical discussion and independent analysis • Examples to illustrate your arguments • A well-presented, clearly written, word processed essay (including use of spell check) All assignments should conform to the general standards of presentation: legibility, spelling, syntax, paragraphs, introduction, main body and conclusion. The title of the piece of work should be shown clearly on the first page, all pages should be numbered and properly referenced, and the work must include a full bibliography of all sources referred to. Essays should be word-processed using a suitable size font (12) and with adequate margins to allow for assessors’ comments. You should record the word length of your essay at the end of the work Research: You should use a wide range of academic sources, including single authored books, chapters from edited volumes and journal articles. You should use the set seminar readings where appropriate for the topic you have chosen but you are expected to use sources from the list of additional reading in this module guide and to identify some original sources yourself. 


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