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Choose the 10-year period of history between 1950 and today that you are going to research for your final project. I chose to write about the period of 1950-1960. Here are a few things that happened between that time that can be included. I have attached a sample power point of how the assignment should be as well as a grading rubic. This is to be completed on powerpoint.

a) Analyze the annual GDP to calculate specific growth rates and trends in the U.S. economy.

b) Analyze unemployment and inflation data.

c) Analyze interest rate fluctuations throughout this time period and their effects on other aspects of the economy

Brown vs Board of education (desegration of schools)

Korean War (price inflation)

Vietnam War (military spending created weak dollars since funds were sent overseas)

WWII ended (peace treaty with Japan signed officially ending the war)

Montgomery Bus Boycott (loss of revenue for bus company)


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