Project #162409 - Analysis of the world's wealthiest shareholders

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Due By (Pacific Time) 01/31/2017 11:59 pm

There are 3 cases in this report, which are Donald Trump vs Bally, Warren Buffet and Gillette and CalPERS vs Safeway Inc.


·      For the eport on each case, please include all of the seven sections(1. Background of the active investor; 2. Chronology of events related to the active investment program; 3. Changes in stock price performance; 4. Changes in accounting performance; 5. Changes in coporate governance; 6. Changes in other stakeholder measures; 7. Conclusion)  described in the sample :CalPERS vs. Whirlpool handout.  Feel free to use your creativity with regard to how you present the material within each section. Do not use the same format of table with the sample.


·      Also, include a separate bibliography for the material, if any, used in the analysis of each assigned company and investor.  If no additional articles were used in your analysis, you do not need to include a bibliography.  Use any format you wish for the bibliography.  Please do not include the bibliography in the page count of each report.


·      The report for each case should be at least 15 pages inclusive of the background section, the company analysis, and all exhibits/tables.  So, for the 3 cases, the total number of pages for the final reports should be at least 45 pages.


·      Feel free to use single or double spacing and any font you wish but make sure that the approximate word count on each page is 250 words per page.  If the report for each case is over 15 pages, that is fine.    


·      The section on the background of the investor must be at least 3 pages long and no more than 5 pages. 


·      Please do not include any exhibit used to calculate buy-and-hold or cumulative abnormal returns in your final reports as this could run into numerous pages.  It is ok, however, to include a small portion (no more than half a page) of this exhibit in your written reports.



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