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For this week's discussion, we are going to do a little activity. First, please watch the online lecture "Research Methods" (Links to an external site.)

Also, make sure you have read chapter 1. Then, answer the prompt below and respond to at least two other student's comments. Discussions are worth 10 points total. To get full credit, your post should explicitly connect to the video or the textbook. Support your idea with evidence you found by watching the video or reading chapter 1 (see grading rubric below). I am looking forward to seeing your ideas!

Sharing Experiment

You are the lead teacher in the Purple room, a class of 3- and 4-year-olds at Trillium Circle Preschool. Your colleague Jorge, is the teacher in the Orange room, a different class of 3- and 4-year-olds at Trillium Circle. There are 14 children in each of your classes. Lately, the children in both your and Jorge's classes have had trouble sharing toys, which has led to a lot of conflict and hurt feelings. Regardless of the child, introvert or extrovert, boy or girl, all the kids seem to be having a hard time with sharing. It has become such a problem that you have decided to intervene. You want to figure out the best method of intervention, because if any of your other colleagues ever have the same problem in the future, you would like to provide them with an evidence-based approach to solving it.

Design an approach (i.e. perform a puppet show, observe older kids who share, do a circle time lesson on sharing, read a book or sing a song about sharing) that will increase sharing behavior in your center. Then, create an experiment to test whether or not this approach is effective. Because this is an experiment, you'll need to identify your hypothesis, participants, method (approach), procedure, experimental group, control group, independent variable, and dependent variable. Don't worry about perfectly answering each of these areas of your experiment, just do your best. Experiments can be tricky to design the first time! Connect your ideas with terms used in the text or video (for this discussion, using terminology from the text or video will count as "connecting" it to the text or video). Then, provide two classmates with feedback on their experiment ideas. How might they add to it? Are they interpreting "experimental" and "control" groups the same way as you did? Maybe their idea reminds you of something you did with your preschool class once before. Tell them about it! 

You will not be graded on the quality of your experiment, but rather, on your ability to incorporate terminology from the text/video and conversations you have with classmates about your ideas. 

A typical response is around 300-400 words.





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