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Complete CT Questions 1 and 2 at the end 0f chapter 7

Please make sure to save the file in the following format: FirstName_LastName_ISSC660_Assignment1.doc(x)

For the CT Questions, your answers must be detailed and have elaboration with some viable support.  As a graduate level assignment, your experience is not sufficient, but viable research and solid sources to solidify your thoughts are critical.  All assignments must be completed in APA format and all references listed with proper in text citations.  Answers that have no viable support and detail will not receive full credit consideration.


1. What laws, regulations, or standards does your organization need to comply with?
2. An organization’s medical information site is tracking individuals and using information about searches and personal information entered to develop individual profiles for marketing. The web site does not inform visitors they are being tracked and their information is being collected. Which OECD principle has been violated, and what can the organization do to remedy the situation?



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