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Due By (Pacific Time) 01/12/2017 10:00 pm

I will upload ebook, you can get some ideas to answer these.

Please respond to each question with at least one well-organized paragraph, Please feel free to use ebook and any relevant experiences you have had to answer the questions

1.      Briefly describe at least one hypothetical or actual example of an organization utilizing the 2.0 approach to business communication (2 points)

2.      List and briefly explain the three roles nonverbal communication plays in communication. Then give an example of each (2 points)

3.      List at least three types of nonverbal differences might you encounter when working with businesspeople from other cultures, and provide an example of each. Feel free to use your own experiences or those of people you know. (3 points)

4.      Imagine that you have to announce a change in policy at your business, such as a new dress code. Briefly describe at least three factors to consider when choosing the appropriate media for this message (2 points)

5.      Describe at least three techniques you can use to compose effective messages for mobile devices (2 points)

6.      Identify and discuss four techniques you can use to make the content of a message "mobile friendly." (2 points)


7.      When you're writing for the web, what can you do to improve the readability of your online content? (2 points)


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