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Due By (Pacific Time) 01/16/2017 12:00 am

 Assignment Description

Using the Internet, course materials, locate, view, and create a Discussion Board post for two effective presentation videos. The selected presentation videos must each be at least 5 minutes in length.

For each video discussed in your post, complete the following:

  • Identify the speaker, the presentation title, the location of the video, and the presentation length for each speech.
  • Briefly summarize the topic of each presentation.
  • Discuss whether each speech is informative or persuasive and what prompted your decision.
  • Explain how each element of the rhetorical triangle was demonstrated for both presentations.
  • If you believe that elements of the rhetorical triangle were not successful in either of the presentations, suggest possible solutions.
  • Provide examples of why one video presentation was more effective than the other, using the rhetorical triangle as your basis.
  • If quoting, paraphrasing, or sharing references, be sure to include in-text citations and the aligned references in APA format.
  • Deliverable Length:   350 words

·        Assignment Objectives

·        Solve problems associated with professional communication and other presentation opportunities.


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