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English Essay 

1.  Read the following article, "Broken Kingdom"

2.  Write an essay in which you defend or challenge the following statement taken from the article.  You must use specific events and quotes from the novel to support your argument (the essay should be two pages


Religion Essay 


Please write a reflective response to the points listed in the second characteristic of the Profile of the Catholic Graduate at Graduation: Religious


By graduation the Catholic High School student will have a basic knowledge of the major doctrines and practices of the Catholic Church.  The graduate will also have embarked on a spiritual journey leading him toward a personal relationship with God within a religious tradition and/or faith community.  More specifically the graduate:


-has learned and embraced the example of Jesus Christ, as His disciple


-will have begun to form his conscience for life, and has learned to make right decisions and accept the consequences of these choices.


-challenges and strengthens his faith by fully participating in his community.


-is a self-disciplined, life-long learner in his faith, able to fulfill his mission by responding to the need for God in the daily life through acts of charity and self-giving


-is a man who can be considered a true disciple of Christ by his commitment to the services and needs of others



-is committed to social justice


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