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 read chapter 7 carefully

Message 7.A: Media Skills: IM, Creating a Business-like Tone [LO-3] Review this IM exchange and explain how the customer service agent could have handled the situation more effectively.

Agent: Thanks for contacting Home Exercise Equipment. What’s up? Customer: I’m having trouble assembling my home gym. Agent: I hear that a lot! LOL Customer: So is it me or the gym? Agent: Well, let’s see <g>. Where are you stuck? Customer: The crossbar that connects the vertical pillars doesn’t fit. Agent: What do you mean doesn’t fit? Customer: It doesn’t fit. It’s not long enough to reach across the pillars. Agent: Maybe you assembled the pillars in the wrong place. Or maybe we sent the wrong crossbar. Customer: How do I tell? Agent: The parts aren’t labeled so could be tough. Do you have a measuring tape? Tell me how long your crossbar is. 


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