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A typed essay in APA format  of at least 10 pages , doubled spaced. List experience and understand the role of a behavioral health agency as an integral part of a community's behavior health care system . List each 5 courses objectives from the syllabus in numerical order and describe in details specially how you have achieved each objective through your relevant professional behavioral health experiences.  1. It is essential to recognize the importance that the agency and its staff have on the prevention, intervention, treatment and management of behavioral health related problems. 2.Deepen underdstanding of and apply values, ethics laws, and appropriate boundaries of the behavioral health profession and gain an appreciation of the unique problems and challenges that surround individuals and families who need assistance from behavioral health agencies. 3.Enhance and refine knowledge , skills and techniques of behavioral health profession. Direct observation , documentation, psycho education , case reviews , and consultation , intake , assessment , evaluation , case management , individuals , groups , and family couselinv , treatment plan and continuing care planning. 4. Increase self awareness including ones own cultural worldview , values , beliefs , biased , thoughts , feelings and impact on professional practice. 5.Exercise individuals initiative and creativity in the application of skills and techniques used in behavioral health practice. It's is essential to actively engage and participate in real direct service activities to the extent reasonable and appropriate.

This essay must be comprehensive and compelling in demonstrating how your relevant professional behavioral health experiences have satisfied the course objective requirements such as what was learned when and where the learning occurred, how it was learned and how the learning was applied in practice. Professional experiences not related to the behavioral health field will not be considered. Personal life experiences alone are not sufficient. MUST FOLLOW THIS FORMAT ! 


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