Project #162558 - Topic For Essay #1: What Makes us "Happy"? 2 pgs

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1.  Watch the TED Talk video "Flow" by Professor M. Csikszentmihaly by clicking the link provided above.  Print the Transcript by clicking the English choice in the box under the video.  You can follow the lecture and use it to apply The Method if you have it in print. I think you will find what he says fascinating!

2.  After ranking your ideas with the brainstorming exercises that The Method provides you, write a draft of about 2 pages in length, exploring what you take to be the most interesting points that he makes about the conditions and the nature of "happiness" in our daily lives. A good structure might be to first explain what he says (show the readers your credibility by showing your knowledge);  and then to comment on it.  Now, "so what?" as The Method would say. '-)

3. Rather than disagree or agree, try to aim at "understanding" first.  Remember, you want to hold off on the Judgement Reflex until you have time to really examine what this very famous psychologist has learned about how people gain enjoyment.  Many of his findings will surprise you. Or perhaps not.


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