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Flight Reservation System Suppose you wanted to start a small luxury airline that flies between several cities. You would need a flight schedule and software that lets customers plan and reserve flights. This course will show you how to accomplish these tasks, in a simplified way. Your application will be built from software components, a graphical user interface, XML files, XSLT documents, and (eventually) Web services. Because most applications run on multiple platforms, you will design classes and methods in a way that allows you to replace application interfaces. Software design patterns will help you make your application extensible and maintainable. The application will be built in steps, by teams of 1-3 people (no larger). You will use automated testing to verify that your application generates correct outputs from a set of predetermined inputs. Scheduled Flight A ScheduledFlight object contains a flight number, date, time, origin airport, destination airport, number of available seats, and price. We want to create a large list of these objects, so customers have a lot to choose from. Reservation When a customer selects a flight, a Reservation object is created. It contains a unique 6-character record locator, customer last and first names, date, time, origin airport, destination airport, and price. You will assemble confirmed reservations into a list so it can be reviewed later. Reservations can also be canceled by removing them from the list. Flight Request A FlightRequest object is created when a customer wants to search for flights. It contains a date, origin and destination airports. This will allow the application to create a list of ScheduledFlight objects that match the FlightRequest. The user can display a list of the matching flights, select one, and create a reservation. Flight details: Each aircraft holds 10 passengers. The flights.xml file must contain 4 flights in each direction on the following routes: MIA-SEA, MIA-DEN, MIA-LAX, and SEA-LAX, for dates 6/1/2017 through 7/1/2017, inclusive. That’s 32 flights per day, times 31 days, for a total of 992 flights. You will probably want to use a loop when creating this file, possibly with some random numbers. The flight number and time schedule will be the same each day. Flights between different cities have different costs. Flights between the same two cities (MIA-DEN, for example) will have different prices at each time of the day. (Some times are more desirable than others.) Fares for flights will never be less than $500 and never more than $3,000. Flights in the middle of the day tend to be more expensive that early morning and late evening flights.


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