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You are working as a website designer. A client has asked you to produce a webpage detailing some information on the development of the internet, and how the internet is used. On your webpage, you should present information on the following topics:


History of the Internet

·         There are many important events in the development of the internet. List and briefly describe five of these events.


Use of Internet for Communication, Research, Collaboration and E-Commerce

·         The internet is used for communication, research, collaboration and e-commerce. List and briefly describe one example of each type of use.


Enterprise Software for business requirements

·         Define the terms Supply Chain Management and Customer Relationship Management.

·         Briefly describe some features of online payment systems.


Web authoring applications

·         List three software applications that allow the creation and management of web pages.

·         Give an advantage and a disadvantage of each application, and indicate whether you think it would be suitable for use by a beginner web designer, or by a more advanced web designer.



You should include at least the following elements:



  • Appropriate use of heading tags
  • At least one ordered list
  • At least one unordered list
  • Title tag          
  • At least one image (with alt)
  • Link/s to relevant external webpage/s
  • At least one anchor
  • Comment tags           
  • Email link
  • Video link


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