Project #195899 - Acts 1,2,3 of "a Doll's House"

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5 paragraph essay 1st: Explain Nora's backstory and Krogstad's blackmail 2nd: What is the miracle Nora speaks of to Mrs. Linde in Act 2? What does Nora's belief in the miracle tell us about her? How does the mirale turn out? 3rd: What is the favor Nora wants to ask Dr. Rank in Act 2? Why does she ask him? 4th and 5th: In Act 3, Nora says "Yes, Torvald, Ive changed." Explain how she changed. To do this successfully, include two paragraphs (the before and after) and include the two turning points in the story as well as her agenda and the meaning behind the slamming door First turning point: Torvald reads the letter from Krogstad and he calls her a sorry woman once she realized he is not going to rescue her. She gives him the death stare. Second Turning Point: Nora leaves the room and when she comes back she say "Ive chaned my clothes." Noras Agenda: 1. Educate herself (she has a sacred duty to develop herself) 2. Gain Experience of Life 3. Become an individual and think for herself.


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