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Part 1


In 450 words or more


Thread Prompt: Choose 2 different business issues such as work teams, decision-making, conflict, power, communication etc. from your own professional work experience or peer-reviewed journal articles. Apply a total of 2 different concepts (such as evidence based decision-making (EBDM), forms of conflict, political tactics in the organization, etc.) from Chapters 9–12 of the Kinicki & Fugate textbook (google it) to the issue you are discussing. Relate the chosen chapter concepts from your reading to the business issue in a way that demonstrates understanding of each concept.


Please provide 4 references and put everything in APA format






Part 2


In 400 words or more


Integration of Robert Dees chapters 3–4 of Resilient Leader with the Module/Week 6 Reading & Study material and the student's research. Discuss the 4 most important concepts you have learned. Three of the 4 are courage, wisdom and integrity.


 You have to google Resilient Leader by Robert Dees to get the other most important concept from chapter 3-4. In 400 words APA formatting with 4 references. Please provide an introduction also.






Part 3


Reply to 2 classmates' threads. Each reply must be at least 200 words and include at least 2 peer-reviewed references. The 2 classmates will be attached



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