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pick a new or existing facility you want to write about.  A comprehensive security plan really has a lot of moving parts, so I want to really see a top-to-bottom review (within the key elements listed in the assignment).


I'm a big fan of threat matrix's and formal SWOT, because it makes the security leader/consultant analyze the issues of the facility/business/et al and offer solutions or mitigate risks.


Create a 25--slide presentation detailing a comprehensive security plan. The security plan must include the following:

  • Describe the scope of security plan
  • The security risk assessment results (what needs to be defended)
  • Determine what the threats are: (physical, computer related insider, natural and information, etc.).
  • Determine each risk.
  • Prioritize the risks & identify the actions to remediate.
  • Conclusion.

Note:  Images must be cited in consistent APA guidelines.

Note:  Detailed Speaker Notes are complete sentences with correct grammar and punctuation.  Speaker notes fully explain each slide as if they were giving an in-person presentation.

Format th assignment consistent with APA guidelines.


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