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Guidelines: One of the early stages in developing a research study is to examine the available literature on your topic of interest and related topics. Discovering what others have produced and organizing this information into a coherent picture will allow you to place your own research interests into the larger context. Use articles related to the service industry. Focus only on full-text scholarly, peer-reviewed articles or dissertations. Finally, narrow or broaden your results so that you have approximately 10 viable sources relevant from the last three years. create a literature review outline, consider these questions:

Length: 3500 words

1. What are the trends in the literature?

2. What aspects of the topic have been examined?

3. According to the research, what aspects of the topic need to be researched further?

4. Based on the literature, what commonly held assumptions exist within the field and what areas of discourse, contention (if any), or divergent perspectives exist?

5. Where would your research interests fall within this framework?

6. Does your topic fill in a gap in the research?

7. How does it relate to the existing literature that you have found? 

Could I develop this topic further through into a master paper?


Having created your literature outline, develop a literature review. 


Expansion Of Food Concepts a Food and beverage company to Belgrade, Serbia, and the different management culture style between Egypt and Serbia.

Opening Food Concepts in Belgrade, Serbia, would be able to let the company enter a new market that is similar to Egypt, and would be appreciated by the market there. The entrance would benefit the company by having a presence in Europe and would benefit the company financially. The differences of the management culture style would be different between Egypt and Serbia, the analysis of the differences could show the way forward for the company and teach the company on how to tackle the difficulties when they arise. 


Literature review & study of previously published facts by financial institutions and multinational Companies based in Serbia. Data collection of the laws and regulations of entry to Serbia. Survey creation. Research on the market of Serbia. Meet with Restaurant owners to discuss the management styles, meet potential suppliers and start collecting financial points to be able to conduct a good financial strategy.


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