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Homework 07 General homework instructions and .Net naming conventions apply to this assignment. The variables and code written must be appropriate for the form being used. This assignment is worth approximately one complete grade. It is not difficult but it requires string manipulation which is time consuming. If you did not get 100% of the points on the previous assignment go fix that one first. Do not wait until last minute. This one will also take you at least twice the amount of time you estimated. When you need a data set for testing or demonstration, and that set needs to represent Personally Identifiable Information (PII), you generally don’t want to use real data that represents actual people.

This assignment will consist of creating a program that generates test names and phone numbers. To make things more interesting, we’ll generate other phone numbers that do not violate the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) rules. For the purpose of verifying the phone numbers generated will use the function created in Homework 6.(hw 6 consisted of a masked text box and a module that was called fron form 1 with a function that held the NANP rules to verify phone numbers(example is the phone check box on pages 3 and 4 of attachment). The same validation code that you created in the separate module and used in assignment 6 will also be used for validating the phone numbers generated. Duplication of code is not acceptable. You do not have to limit yourself to the list but just for guidance. The example provided used Last names of Smith, Johnson, Williams, Garcia, Jones, and Brown. For First Names of Mary, Patricia, Linda, Barbara, Elizabeth, Jessica, James, John, William, Robert, Michael, Sam.

The Verify Phone button should open from the first form. If you are working of Homework 06 go change the startup form in the application properties. The print button should print all the items on the list to a text file c:\temp\PII.txt. Make sure all the records print including the first and last. Those are the ones I will be looking for. There are multiple ways of generating a text file however the simplest is streamwriter. The most common mistake made is not setting the correct location for the file. Another common mistake is opening the file and not closing it before exiting the code. M

HWinstructions**************************************** General homework instructions along with reading and following instructions has always been an issue. Making a zip files that unzip properly has always been another source of contention. I have made a video that demonstrates what I am expecting in the homework submissions. Follow this link There should be no ambiguity as to what format to use and what to submit with every assignment. There are as many ways to write the same computer code as there is programmers. For the most part* you will find 90% of the code under the finished_tutorials provided by the author.Your code should originate from a new project even if you use the downloaded solution code as a guide. Remember the code must still be brought up to .Net coding standards and modified if even lightly to match the screen shots and functionality requested in the assignment. Assignments where the code uses Hungarian notation (btn, lst, cmd, txt etc) will not be graded. If the assignment functionality looks identical to the downloaded code look again they are not. Files with a create date earlier than the assignment date will indicate you did not create a new project. The idea is that you use the book as a guide so you can understand how the code works and in the process learn how to write your own code. Copying/modifying and submitting code from the book/publisher does not demonstrate that you understand the material and will be treated as plagiarism. Remember your assignments must be the result of INDEPENDENT work. *The words "For the most part" because some of the homework assignments are not found in the tutorials. Without the knowledge obtained from creating and understanding the earlier projects your chances of being able to do the later assignments diminish exponentially. Homework solutions have to be created and have to compile with Option Strict ON and must follow .Net Naming conventions within the code. Default VB .Net naming conventions should not be used. For example Form1,Button1,Textbox1 etc. are not descriptive enough to allow someone reading the code to know what they are used for. I do not recommend using the Graphic User Interface to turn Option Strict on as many computer labs have it locked so it can not be turned on. For this class the only acceptable method for tuning Option Strict ON is as follows: The first line of your code should read Option Strict On Public Class (name of form) Note the Option Strict declaration is at the top and above the Public Class not within the class code. The purpose of this class is for you to learn how to write Visual Basic .NET code. Under no circumstances will the visual basic name space be allowed to be used as a reference or imported in any homework solution (ej: Imports VB = Microsoft.VisualBasic). The use of on error resume next is prohibited and will result in the same consequences as submitting code that does not compile. If you are new to programming the above will not mean much to you, however I have to make the disclosure as experienced programmers have been known to do it. Trust me I just don't think of these things on my own. For each assignment you will be creating a new original Visual Basic .Net Solution created solely by you. Please submit the complete solution folder in a zipped file**. The name of the zip file should be, etc. The name of the solution should follow the same naming convention as the zip file. Please keep the naming convention in mind when saving the application/solution the first time as it is very difficult to rename the solution and get it to work later on. The zip file should contain the complete folder of your HW1, HW2 etc. Solutions will include the *.sln file along with project folder and subfolders. The subfolder inside the project folder will contain subfolders called Bin, Project, obj ...etc. Check contents of zip file and very the zip file will unzip and run without error prior to submission. Make sure there are no shortcuts in your application that point to local files inside your computer that are not included in the zip file and are required to run the application. This has been an issue in the past. A programmer is expected to read and follow directions of any given task. To obtain full credit for an assignment the instructions must be followed. **Only *.zip format is acceptable. 7-ZIP format is NOT acceptable. All supported windows operating systems will create a zip file without the need to download any other software. There is no need to use Winzip, 7zip, WinRAR etc. Turning in a RAR file is a big red flag that your hacker friend did the homework for you.


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