Project #195998 - Article critque

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Subject Science
Due By (Pacific Time) 08/16/2017 12:00 am

Locate a Cohort, Case-Control, Cross Sectional Study, Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial or a Systematic Review/Meta Analysis in the American Journal of Epidemiology or any other Epidemiology journal. 

It may be available in ejournal format 

Select an article that interests you.

Evaluate using the criteria below.

All responses must be in the order requested below.


     •What is the research problem being investigated?

     What is the rationale for studying this problem?

     How comprehensive is the literature review?


     What are the implications of the research?


     •Who is the study sample?

     How was the research sample obtained?

     What biases, exist in the sample if any?


     What is the research design of the study (cohort, case control etc.)?

     What study methods were used?


     •How are these data presented?


     Is the method of presentation effective?

     Is the method of presentation accurate?


     What were the conclusions of the study?

     What are the implications of the finding for practice and future research?

     What are the limitations of the study?


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