Project #195999 - Writing a Request for Proposal (RFP)

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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/16/2017 12:00 am

Must be followed completely. Most the work has been done, just need to condense it into an actually RFP. complete question 1 and add to question 2. most of it's already done. This has to be done 100% corretly or I will not release payment.

1. Write an RFP

Using the Statement of Work created for the office relocation project (Attachment 1 + 2), write a brief RFP, soliciting proposals from potential contractors.To see a real world example of an RFP, Atachment 4+5

Your RFP should be no longer than five pages long. On your RFP, please include a cover page and table of contents these two pages are not included in the page count mentioned above.


  1. Introduction and purpose of solicitation, including description of contracting mode

  2. Statement of work (or statement of objectives)

  3. Proposal Requirements:

    1. Technical Proposal

    2. Cost Proposal

  4. Special conditions (e.g., required qualifications of contractors, intellectual property rights, set-asides for minorities)

  5. Instructions for submittal of proposal, including proposal format, deadline date and to whom the proposal submission should be made

  6. Weighting criteria for assessing proposal submissions (e.g., price, technical merit, management merit, organizational experience)


2. The IFB

Describe how you would need to adjust your RFP to convert it into an IFB (it is not necessary to rewrite it as an IFB). Why are these adjustments necessary? Your answer to this part of the assignment should be no longer than one page


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