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This project has a powerpoint template, it is 4 slides plus a refrence slide. I will leave the topic up to you as long as it is one of the 3 listed below. I can send you any info needed if you can not look it up and will also include the template, rubric and an example of another class mates.I do need this by tomorrow afternoon so if you cant get it done ASAP please do not bid on project.


After reading the assigned textbook chapters, prepare a PowerPoint presentation based on one of the topics presented in this module: eating, sexual behavior, or sleep. There are multiple resources associated with each topic: 

MyPsychLab: Visual Brain: Hunger and Eating
This section of MyPsychLab’s Visual Brain will give you an overview of the different brain structures involved in eating and how they function to regulate eating behavior. As you examine different areas of the brain, think of the role they might play in disordered eating.

Click on the MyPsychLab link on the left-side navigation to access this resource.

Library Article: Does a Shared Neurobiology for Foods and Drugs of Abuse Contribute to Extremes of Food Ingestion in Anorexia and Bulimia Nervosa?
This article examines the overlapping neural circuits for drugs of addiction and eating. As you read the article think about how this information could be used to help solve social problems related to eating disorders. 

Video: How Sugar Affects the Brain (5:03)
This five-minute video discusses how sugar affects dopamine in the brain. It also describes how eating certain foods can lead to changes in the brain that are similar to addiction. As you watch the video, consider how sugar-related changes in the brain are similar to drug-related changes in the brain. 

Sexual behavior
Library Article: Minireview: Hormones and Human Sexual Orientation
This review examines the role of prenatal hormone exposure in the development of sexual orientation. The author looks at the role of genes and hormones in homosexuality. Changes in brain structure as a result of hormonal influence are also discussed. As you read through the article, think about how the studies described have helped to change opinions on homosexuality over time. 

Library Article: Sexual Orientation Related Differences in Cortical Thickness in Male Individuals: e114721
This article examines differences in cortical thickness in the brains of homosexual men. As you read the article, think about how it contributes to our understanding of how homosexuality occurs. 

Library Article: The Un-rested Resting Brain: Sleep-Deprivation Alters Activity within the Default-Mode Network
This article explores how brain activity changes as a result of sleep deprivation. As you read the article, think about how sleep deprivation might change the brain’s ability to engage in activities throughout the day. 

Article: Sorry, You Probably Can’t Sleep Just 6 Hours a Night
This article from the Huffington Post reviews a recent study on sleep that seemed to suggest that we only need six hours of sleep a night. As you read the review, think about whether you agree or disagree with the author. Does the evidence suggest that we can sleep fewer than eight hours a night? 

Video: Our Natural Sleep Cycle Is Nothing Like What We Do Now (4:01)
In this short talk, the speaker discusses what our natural biological clock is like, and how sleeping differently can promote more wakefulness. As you listen, think about what changes in our society would be needed in order to get us back on our natural clock. 

Use the resources related to your topic, and any additional research required, to address each of the questions for your selected topic in the Practice Presentation Guidelines and Rubric document. Prepare your presentation using the 
Practice Presentation Template. Be sure to include speaker’s notes in the Notes section below each PowerPoint slide. 

Once you have completed your presentation, attach the file to share it with your peers. 

For this project please review the rubric first and follow. You can pick  if you wasnt it on eating, sexual behavior or sleep.


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