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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/10/2017 03:00 pm

How are scientific observations made? How do entomologists learn about insects and their role in nature? In this assignment, your job is to help advance entomological research by observing and documenting an aspect of insect natural history by creating a Microdocumentary. This is your chance to conduct observational science on an insect and share your scientific interpretations. What are their challenges? Their struggles? Their behaviors? What are the solutions or victories? Scientific observations often involve patience, close attention, trial & error, and careful analysis.

Utilizing the video recording capability of your Smartphone, digital camera, or other video recording device if you wish, your task is to create a 2 minute Microdocumentary. Your mini documentary will consist of edited video footage, voice-over narration (VO), and a range of visualization strategies such as panning, zooming, and still photography. Your documentary should include your scientific interpretation of the observations you made – based on additional research, a rationale for the insect behavior.

This will be a challenging task, so plan time to make observations over multiple days (or weeks!) for this project. Make multiple recordings, take multiple pictures. Combine your best video and images in a way that demonstrates and exemplifies your observations.

Expect to prepare at least 2 minute, edited video. This should include a title screen, narration or textual aids to help your audience understand the observations, and any credits (sources of information). Observations should be edited, exhibiting quality and craftsmanship in conveying information. We want you to have fun, but treat the assignment seriously.

But remember, part of your task is to figure out as much as possible on your own, using research on the web and in scholarly literature.

Part of your grade will be based on the visual quality of your documentary and its appeal to an audience. I suggest showing a draft of your mini-doc to another person or two, so that they can give you feedback.

Suggested Free Video-Editing Software:

Suggested Free Audio Recording/Editing Software:

Video-Editing Software for Purchase:

If you are unfamiliar with video editing software, as a UW-Madison student you have free access to offers online training on a wide variety of software - including some of the software listed above (see iMovie Essential Training (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., Learning Audacity (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..)

Help Along the Way...

Video editing may be new for you, and potentially confusing.  To help you out and alleviate your concerns, we have rallied some extra help so you don't feel like you're without assistance. 

We have two Software Training for Students (STS) trainers available to answer your questions as you develop and craft your Microdocumentary throughout this entire course!

Hop into Piazza, compose your question and tag your post with the "Microdocumentary" tag and the trainers (Pete and Violet) will respond to your question within 24 hours. They will gladly help you troubleshoot issues with your software, getting setup, or demystifying the language of video editing.  

However, keep in mind they offer software support only.  They cannot offer perspectives on subject matter or evaluative feedback.

Example Mini Documentaries

Submitting your Assignment: 

To submit your assignment, you will upload it to Kaltura and submit the URL where the video can be found.  Please familiarize yourself with the file formats accepted by Kaltura, and the process by which one uploads files to Kaltura. 

Please take note of STEP 5 where you fill out information as your file is uploading.
You must publish your video as "Unlisted".
If you do not, I will not be able to see it.  It will only be viewable to you.  It is your responsiblity to make sure you have uploaded and published your video properly.  Please review this before submitting your URL, or better yet - send it to a friend to make sure they can see it!

You shouldnt make video. Just write what I need to read and make ppt for me then I will cover this with my voice. Thank you


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