Project #196039 - The World’s Top Luxury Beach Vacation Destinations

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The World’s Top Luxury Beach Vacation Destinations


I want you to write an article for my blog about those 5 beach vacation destinations. For each destination, I want you to write (1) where the destination is located (which country and exactly where). (2) The top hotels/Resorts/Restaurant in the destination. (3) The best time of year to visit these destinations.


They are a total of 5 destinations.


Those are the Destinations:


1.     St. Barts

2.     Mykonos, Greece

3.     Turks and Caicos

4.     Fiji

5.     Bermuda


This should be a total of TWO PAGES (2 pages).

NOTE: THIS IS NOT AN ESSAY. It’s a blog post for my fashion and travel blog. So make sure you write in a cool edgy way like the articles you see in any fashion and travel blog. PLEASE make sure you understand what needs to be done here. Thank you


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