Project #196043 - Peace and Conflict Resolutions

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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/25/2017 12:00 am

*** Master Level Class


Critically evaluate and analyze a specific topic covered in the course related to a current or historical event relevant to conflict prevention and peace strategies. 


Individual Paper (40%):

3000 words. APA format and at least 5 academic resources. (Presentation is optional at the discretion of the instructor 10% of the 40%)


Course Description:

This course explores sources of conflict and examines conflict-resolution mechanisms and preventative diplomacy tools such as negotiation, mediation, and peace building.  While historical efforts at fostering a culture of conflict resolution will be addressed, the course will focus on peace strategies in the Post-World War II era. War- the use of force- is illegal under international law except in cases of self-defense, or action authorized by the UN Security Council. The UN Charter and subsequent treaty law, “universally” condemn offensive military action, or acts of aggression. Accordingly, the course will examine international acts of violence – if not above all the growing number of intra-state conflicts and their international spill-over effects -- against the backdrop of international law: whether these acts are unilateral, multilateral (coalition-based), defined as “policing” or humanitarian interventions, or acts perpetrated by non-state actors.



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