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Action Plan - Learning Team Assignment


XYZ Consulting has proposed a project to be conducted with Brookdale Senior Solutions. Project Details are listed in the table below. Plus please read the following attachments for additional reference:


  • Consulting Plan: Balanced Scorecard and Causal Chain Scorecard

  • Brookdale Project Plan 2 Work Breakdown Structure and Costs


Prepare a "300 words" Action Plan in which you include the topics highlighted in RED ONLY:


Examine the various processes of data collection.


  • Introduction, Conclusion and final formatting/submission

  • Develop a process of data collection for all levels including reaction, learning, application, and impact.

  • Measure the inputs using a variety of measures such as:

    • The type of consulting project

    • The functions in the organization

    • The users of the project (the people directly involved)

    • The support staff and others who may be involved

    • The timing of involvement of all parties

    • The duration of the involvement

    • The place of involvement

    • The cost of the project, including direct and indirect costs

    • The inefficiencies surrounding the project

  • Analyze the process to be used in the project to convert data to a monetary value.

  • Discuss how this information will be used.

    The paper must include references/sources to at least 1 scholarly references/source. No more and no less.  You may only use your course textbook chapter attachment for these 3-5 different scholarly references/sources.

    Assignment Details




Brookdale Senior Solutions

Project type: 

Evaluating the needs for training and development to improve operational performance

Reason for Project:


·         Resident neglect and abuse-  Activities of Daily Living Refresher Training for nursing aide staff

·         Poor management/employee communication- Effective Communications Workshop for management and employees

Project Goals


·         To improve the quality service and resident care at the Brookdale Senior Living Solutions long-term care facility.

·         To ensure that the nursing staffs will gain relevant skills and competence to provide quality service and care to its’ residents through in-house refresher training.

·         To standardize the communication process to improve management decision making.





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