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Each question needs to be answered in a min of 100 words



1.    Pick a place in your community and apply risk identification, analysis and evaluation using an example you observe.


2.    The five risk management responses:  Transfer Risk (insure) or Eliminate Risk (remove) or Mitigate risk (reduce) or Spread Risk (share) or Accept Risk.  Identify a risk at a facility, place, or store you are familiar with and discuss which option would be best.  So, RISK & OPTION.


3.       Explain why a structured or unstructured inspection should be conducted.  Give an example and discuss.


4.       Is it safe to say you probably always found deficiencies in the client's security?  Are there some areas more prone to flaws than others? Some that are rarely deficient (say, for example, proper lighting, once installed, remains pretty static?)


5.    SCENARIO:   The corporation has identified a high-potential market opportunity for a joint manufacturing venture in a foreign country.  They want to know if there are any security concerns.  Clearly look into the following questions:


                                          i.    What is the crime rate in that country; in that area specifically?


                                         ii.    Are there risks due to political instability?


                                        iii.    Are there technological transfer issues that would be of concern to the nation-states' government agencies, such as the U.S. Department of State or U.S. Department of Commerce?


                                        iv.    Are there risks to global business travelers? 


These are just some questions that should be asked by the Security Leader and answered in order to effectively plan.  


Pick a question and discuss the importance to security planning for this potential venture.


6.       Why is it important not to use security terminology as opposed to business language?


7.    I'm sure security was enhanced greatly following the first attack, but as time fades, personnel change, and security perhaps starts to weaken. I'm betting it's time for some sort of shake-up.  My first concern would be if any security team members have been either compromised or subverted to potentially cooperate with an AQ attack? How could that be addresses?


8.        how I shifted the issue of security to mall (store viability) finances?  Can this impact your security planning?  Would knowing if the 2 anchors stores are closing in 2018 be key knowledge before a financial investment?



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