Project #196066 - Power Assessment

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Due By (Pacific Time) 08/12/2017 05:00 pm

For this assessment task, you will be required to complete the exercise tests as specified in the practical (stair sprinting and Vertical Jump) You will then use this information to write up a short report. In the report, you will be required to describe the tests you have conducted in the lab, apply the underlying physiological processes occurring during the tests, and discuss how this would differ based on individuals’ training status. You are expected to use formal sport science terminology for exercise tests and physiological processes. You are also expected to use peer-reviewed literature to back up your arguments.


Please note: You must follow the formatting requirements below and structure your report using the bolded headings in the provided structure. Not adhering to these requirements will result in marks being deducted (see the marking rubric).


Formatting requirements:

•              Use Times New Roman, 12 pt font, and 1.5 or double line spacing;

•              Submit your assignment as a Word document and name your file as specified earlier;

•              Include your first and surname and student number in the top right hand corner

Structure of the Report:


Introduction (~100 words):

In this section you should briefly: a) describe the physiological component of fitness the tests are measuring; b) explain why it is important for personal trainers/coaches to measure these physiological components of fitness drawing on relevant peer-reviewed literature; and c) provide an outline of what your assignment will cover.


Methodology and results (~150 words):

In this section you should clearly and concisely report the methodology used for running the exercise tests you have selected.  This should include a description of the equipment used and the procedures for running the tests. The description should provide sufficient detail that it could be replicated based on your description.

You should also include a brief summary of the results found. You are welcome to use tables or figures to present your results if desired, but they should not be copied directly from your practical worksheet. Please note that these tables and figures will count towards the word limit. Only final results should be presented here; all recorded raw data or calculation workings of raw data for results should be included in the appendix.


Application of physiological processes (~350 words)

In this section you should discuss in detail, the physiological processes occurring with regard to motor unit recruitment during the tests. You should make specific links between the physiology and the practical activity you conducted. This section will require you to source additional peer-reviewed literature (e.g. through PubMed, SportDiscus) on this topic. Relying solely on your lecture notes is not satisfactory.


Differences by training status (~300 words)

Discuss how and why motor unit recruitment would differ between a power athlete (trained) and a member of the general public (untrained). As with the section above, you are required to expand your reading beyond the resources provided in the unit to demonstrate critical thinking capacities.


Reference list (not included in word count):

At the end of the report, you should provide a list of references that you have cited within the report using 6th APA referencing style. Please note you are required to use a minimum of 5 academic references.


Appendix (not included in word count):

You must include a copy of the practical worksheet with all recorded raw data. You may also include any other information that you consider relevant to the lab (i.e., calculation workings of raw data for results).




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